Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A girl can dream can't she. . .

Snuggled in between Nice and Monaco is a little village named Enze, and it's without a doubt my happy place. Recently, my husband mentioned that he would love to go back to France, since both of us were there when we were kids. It was one of the most wonderful things I've heard him say! Enter-Nate & S.K.'s dream getaway! At the moment it's still a dream and so I have no limits! It's been great to research a little bit of our past and maybe some of our future. Although, it does make it a little harder to come back to Iowa. Oh well, everything has a price!


The Durbin Family said...

Well that's just ridiculously beautiful!!!! One of my lifetime highlights was driving along the "highway" beside the Mediterranean between Nice and Monaco...sure felt like heaven. I hope you and Nate get to go again someday!!!

merey kay said...

pssst...found you! i'm sorry for the excessive creepiness of the fact that i'm here, but i couldn't resist. question: if you move to france, can i visit?


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