Sunday, April 29, 2012

Redemption by Mike Wilkerson

  Redemption, by Mike Wilkerson  Handed to me by our pastor at The Village Church, Dallas. It's not only the primary foundation for our Recovery ministry it's also had more impact on my life that a whole stack of the books I've previously recommended to hurting people.  What I love about Redemption is the intensive focus on scripture and the human heart. No matter the issue that's plaguing the Christian, the holistic focus of the heart and sin gets so deeply to the heart of personal pain.  This book is a resource I turn to over and over again and it's a pleasure to share with you

My take: 6 out of 5

Book Description from Crossway Publications

Exodus is a real story about God redeeming his people from the bondage of slavery and how their difficult journey home exposed their loyalties—though wounded by Egypt, they had come to worship its gods. Most Christians don’t make golden idols like the Israelites in the wilderness, but we do set up idols on our own desert road—idols like substance abuse, pornography, gluttony, and rage. And even those who don’t know the pain of actual slavery can feel enslaved to the fear and shame that follow sexual abuse or betrayal by a spouse, for we suffer at the hands of our idols as well as those created by others. We need more than self-improvement or comfort—we need redemption.
Redemption is not a step-oriented recovery book; it’s story-oriented and Bible-anchored. It unfolds the back-story of redemption in Exodus to help Christians better understand how Christ redeems us from the slavery of abuse, addiction and assorted trouble and restores us to our created purpose, the worship of God. Readers will discover that the reward of freedom is more than victory over a habitual sin or release from shame; it is satisfaction and rest in God himself. Part of the Re:Lit series.

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