Friday, May 07, 2010

"We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties. " ~Oswald Chambers

In the past few months I've been distracted by the difficulties and frustrated by God's silence. Life's handed me enough experience know that God uses the silence to teach us to listen deeper. This time through the valley it was my husband's journey. The past few months have been about Nate & God, that's a new experience for me. Now that it's over I can say it's been a privilege to walk this road with him.

But I didn't come here to whine, that's partly why I've been so quiet. I believe in authenticity and sincerity in faith, but this was Nate's journey. The last thing he needed was my public venting. Thank you for your patience and your prayers. I promise more details soon.

I'm just starting to see how many prayers God has answered. My sweet grandfather came through surgery wonderfully and that only added to the list of prayer requests God has smiled on recently. In His own way He waited until we were at the end of our spiritual, emotional and financial resources. Perhaps that's why I got angry? But now these answered prayers feel like tangible expressions of our faith and everything seems sweeter. Thank you Lord for being bigger than our difficulties!


Sarah said...

Congratulations Sarah, in many ways!

Corine said...

Beautiful! :)

Tiffanie Lloyd said...

Love you girl!


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