Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Morning Inspiration

Change is in the air for the Ndjerareou's. Friday ended Nate's second week working for a new job! (Praise the Lord) He'd resigned at the end of February desperately in need of a rest and work that he could be passionate about (if it helped the third world even better!)

We're very thankful that he found all three so that the accompanying move to Dallas is just the next step on our journey. Don't get me wrong I HATE to say goodbye but our family is a little desperate to settle down. Especially since we'll be adding another member to our little clan this December! (One more thing to be thankful for!)

I guess you could say the nesting phase has begun or the thought of moving our family into an apartment while we get to know our new city has got the creative desperation flowing. Along the way I have to share a couple of great ventures and ideas:

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Sarah said...

The best of luck to you sarah!


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