Monday, May 10, 2010

Food & Memories

Our family enjoys travel especially when we get to explore the local cuisine. My favorite memories with Sophia include exploring local markets and trying our hand at the exotic dishes at home. It brings back memories of my fearless mother, plunging into African markets with a boisterous laugh and a fierce love of haggling.

She's a great cook with a huge repertoire of Americana recipes in her head. Somehow I really never learned how to make anything traditional from her. Instead she impressed on me a love for trying our hand a something different that comes out of one big pot and takes an assortment of indigenous spices.

Asian, African, Mexican. Especially if it's got cilantro in it! Sophia and I put these two recipes together last week and all the elements took us back to Mexico. It was so good I had to share. Even that vivacious mother of mine who doesn't really appreciate cilantro LOVED it! Let me know what you think or even better share a recipe you've fallen for!

1 comment:

Minga said...

CILANTROOOOOO is my favorite!!!! and that dish you made us in California!!! that was good!


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