Thursday, April 23, 2009

Miles to go before I sleep.

A couple of the items on my list at the moment:
Paint over the crayon marks on the wall.
Replace the batteries in smoke alarm (in our two story living room! Who ever thought that was a good idea?)
Move clothes into my parents house.
Pack for San Francisco. (10 days and counting)
Finalize rental agreements on our home here and our temp housing in San Francisco.  

This is when I really believe in the grace of God (and divine intervention!) I'm not coordinated enough to do all of this while Nate commutes back and forth. But yesterday, when I was completely out of strength, my mother and grand-mother breezed in. They're pro's! It's very obvious that the domestic gene, running proudly through the women in my family, skipped me and went straight to my daughter. She's so happy with a Clorox wipe in her hand scrubbing away!   Sticking to something I'm good at--I made lunch and then marveled at four generations gathered around the table.  Hard work yes, but very sweet memories!


Sarah said...

How long are you going to be gone for? Good luck and congratulations on a new chapter in your life!! Hmmmm maybe we should get together this weekend?!

Annika said...

Wait, what?? This post only goes to show it's been WAAAAAAAY too long since we've talked. You're moving too far away!! Iowa was one thing..CA? Let's talk soon! I miss you, friend!


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