Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maybe I've seen to many movies? (Actually I haven't seen Duplicity- my mom mentioned it!) When our cable went out on Saturday your first thought may not have been sabotage?  But then you didn't see just how desperately it crippled Nate's work.  In the (cough) CABLE INDUSTRY!  Smack the middle of a highly competitive, contentious project and poof every things gone!  No phone, no TV, no internet!  Now this wasn't the end of the world. (Course didn't help that I was sick and had NO voice-VERY quiet weekend in our house!)  But when the cable guy scratched his head today telling me the problem was OUTSIDE! Hmmm? Then a simple twist and we were back in business? Just in time for me to do important blogging while Sophia catches up on her Little Einsteins!   Makes me wonder? Anyway! Can't blame a girl for wanting a little excitement in life?

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Nathanael Ndjerareou said...

and the plot thickens...hmmm!!


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