Monday, April 20, 2009

It was the Best of Times. It was the Shortest of Times!

They say anything worth doing is worth doing well.  Recently, for our family the axiom would be better said; anywhere worth going--will take you some time.  This weekend was unfortunately a prime example.  After wishing each other anniversary tidings over I-chat on Thursday.  I was thrilled Friday to head to Des Moines (why there and not the Cedar Rapids airport? long story. ) I'd scored a 4 star hotel on ($45.00!)  Making the best of Nate's 10:30pm arrival I was looking forward to a little 'me time' to get all dolled up.

We'd celebrated our first anniversary similarly only six weeks after Sophia was born. Safely stowing her with adoring grandparents we drove west to Des Moines visiting Jasper Winery, La Vida Loca Winery, and Summerset Winery, to name a few.  Apparently Iowa was prime wine country at the turn of the century until farmers discovered that corn was a much more valuable cash crop! (sigh, what a loss.)

Nate, my brilliant husband, came up with the idea of recreating this lovely little adventure.Since someone had to pick him up Friday night. Why not a romantic rendezvous and visit our favorite little wine haunts on our way home Saturday? 

Life inevitably gets in the way of the most romantic plans. Friday was not the exception. Leaving Cedar Rapids in a flustered mood unable to find my valuable little make-up bag no idea when I'd seen it last (after all my husbands out of town all week) 

Then I tried to keep my chin up when he called--bad weather in Houston and he'd be running late. How late?  Three am to be exact.   Consoling myself at the outlet mall along the way, I figured big king bed is only a little comfort when your in it by yourself on your anniversary!
Needless to say we didn't make it to any of the winery's this trip.   We did stumble into Thai Flavors in Des Moines.  A surprising little hole in the wall with some of the most incredible Panang Curry I've ever had.
Unfortunately, this wasn't the end of the our saga (I never found my make-up  but it didn't seem to matter much to Nate)  Time wasn't on our side this trip as we said goodbye less then 42 hours later.  (I know I counted!) It only took Nate 13 hours to get here and ten to get back! 

In the end, the time we had together was very sweet.  We were able to fit in time together and plenty of quality time with Sassafras.  Maybe next year I'll try Sarah's Panang Curry recipe to recreate this  short but ardent anniversary?

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Sarah Herman said...

Thanks for the shout out on your post! Hopefully life will slow down a little this summer and we can get together :) Sorry your anniversary didn't go exactly as planned but hey at least you got to see him!


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