Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today in California

Couldn't resist this moment to share!  Talk about extremes! Have you seen the weather in Iowa today! As Nate and I were sitting by the pool last night (couldn't wait) I started to think I'd found a new cause in life! To raise awareness for people stuck in cold weather?  What do you think?  Well, it's a personal answer to prayer, God knew EXACTLY when I needed to get out of Dodge.  Thank you Lord!


Sarah Herman said...

ok I officially hate you now!:) It's -49 windshield and was so cold that when I stoppped to get coffee this morning before class my power window broke and the glass fell in the door! Needless to say driving home with no driver's side window...very cold! Hope you are have a warm day, wish I was there!

Allie L. said...


annikadurbin said...

Seriously? Man. Sophia is darling. We're hitting -17 here today...not quite as bad as -29, but still bad. :) I hope you have a WONDERFUL time in CA (and I like your idea for a new cause!) and a fantastic, WARM birthday! :) Love you and miss you! Come see us again! ;)


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