Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Celebrity Sighting!

How would you act if you recognized someone from TV? Ever wonder? Me neither.  I've worked with sports figures, governors, US senators. I've even got a chummy picture with a former prez!  Today, I'll admit, I totally goobered it.  I know I'm in Los Angeles.  But today's the first day, I experienced  stereotypical LA. You know, actors or semi-anonymous writers, directors.  Everyone in sunglasses and tight jeans with expensive phones looking way to serious and bored at the same time. All aloof, intense attitude in very casual places like Starbucks! 

Anyway, visiting a very dear friend in Studio City (appropriately named, believe me.) I'd promised Sophia ice cream and couldn't find the gelato place Heidi'd recommended (traffic-- whole 'nother post.) With relief Sophia and I tumbled into a rather upscale Baskin Robbins (oxymoron?)  Sassy got a strawberry cone before dinner, she'd been so good in the afore mentioned traffic.  Immediately covered in pink ice-cream and loving every minute of life, a friendly voice called out about how cute she was.  

Honestly, the toddler gushing's getting a little old.  Simply b/c she knows full well they love her! It was nice at the beginning.  The first day her princess dress was such a big hit she put it on before the sun came up and I've had to pry her out of it.  Even without Nana around she knows she's got fans!  Now she oozes charm and I keep trying to crank back the attitude!  I thought it was just a hotel filled with business people?  But seriously, there aren't a lot of kids in LA, do they all live in Orange County? 

 As a mom you're always thrilled when someone spends a moment loving the being you've given your heart to and poured yourself  into. It's a shared moment of joy in cranky world.  This was just one of those moments.  Unfortunately, too distracted by change and sticky fingers I didn't really glance towards the warm voice.  When I did, he waved to a happy set of pig-tails and was gone.  I stood gaping. I think I managed a wilted I'm a big fan!  Only Sassy heard and she didn't care because well, she had ice cream. 

It was his warmth and genuineness that I recognized first, just like I'd seen on TV. (I'm learning people here don't talk to strangers.  And NEVER, warmly across the room) Admittedly, I've never seen JR Martinez on All My Children (I'd admit it, really I would!)  I thought about watching the soap, despite my mothers' opinion of them.  Especially when I caught a segment on THE VIEW about a war vet turned motivational speaker now playing a character on the show.  His humor, purpose and charisma really made an impression on me. Our family's a big supporter of all our Armed Service people.  But today Sophia and I have one more hero.  A soldier turned actor with heart and charm, who smiled at a little girl and made a mother's day. Thank you  JR Martinez.

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Anonymous said...

What a great story. Sophia is certainly cute enough to attract celebrity attention!



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