Sunday, January 04, 2009


My husband Nate admits he can't complain that he's going to California in the middle of an Iowan winter.  That doesn't mean it's easy on anyone let alone our daughter Sophia. We've become a recognizable face at our local airport.  So much so that when Nate and Sophia stood by the arrival gate waiting for my plane, the local staff teasingly questioned his presence!  We miss Nate but we like the perks (airline miles! California here I come!)  In the mean time, Sophia's learned to say, My daddy's in California. Until recently she thought daddy worked at the airport.   
Travel perks--lowers our grocery budget--Sophia and I can live on cearle, peanut butter, rice, chicken, veggies and popcorn.  Yeah that's about it.
We NEVER have to buy shampoo or soap again! You can't take more than three ounce bottles on the plane but you can LOTZ of three ounce bottles on the plane. 
Cedar Rapids Airport is insanely vigilant. Confiscating anything sharp or bigger than three ounces.  But recently it seemed they hit a new low when a sweet looking woman asked if we'd like a snow globe?  We were saying goodbye to daddy and a mother trying to take a Precious Moments Snow Globe home to her niece was told she needed to send it or throw it.  Sophia LOVES her snowglobe music box. Personally, I think if people starting hijacking planes with snowglobes?  Well then we have bigger things to worry about.

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