Monday, October 22, 2007

In their element

My dad is a farm boy at heart and is very comfortable back on the farm. Recently he and Dana went on a boys hunting trip with my uncle Mike out in Western North Dakota

My little brother (the one in the middle) has been a hunter since he was 15. Since then he also taught young kids how to shoot at Wheaton's Honeyrock Rifle Range.
Guess all that practice paid off?
P.S. please no comments on guns or cruelty to animals, we're from the mid-west this is how the other half of America lives.

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merey kay said...

i got a sneak preview of these pics, but still giggle at them upon reviewing. how fun!
hey, heard nate's party was a blast! post pictures sometime? know you're busy.

hey, could you shoot me an email sometime? i just realized i don't have your address!


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