Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Think Fast. . .

Can you name 10 different brands of beer?

Now how 'bout 10 Commandments?

Hmmm does God need a better marketing team? How 'bout a Super Bowl commercial?

"But in your hearts always set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks to give you a reason for the hope that is within you. But do this with gentleness and respect." 1 Peter 3:15 (NIV)

"Hope that is within you". . .hope of what? That's a very good question. Hope that there is something that makes life worth living. Hope that there is someone out there that cares for me. Hope that I can be loved even at my worst. When I look at the 10 Commandments I see the worst parts about me, I know I haven't murdered, but I have lied, probably stolen (I won't lie.) So that makes me a liar & a thief and that's only 3 of 10 commandments. Is there any hope for me? Oh but I'm a good person, but deep down I don't think so. In fact, deep down, I wonder if anyone could really ever love me if they really knew me? But I have hope in a God who isn't afraid to look at me-all of me-he's not turned off by my ugly parts, in fact he loves me so much that he took those ugly parts upon him. Making me clean, pure, not needing to be separated from Him because I was a thief or a liar or covered in guilt & shame.
I have hope that there will be an end to the pain, a restoration of wholeness.
I have hope that I have a purpose in this world. A true reason to live.
I have hope of comfort when our broken world hurts beyond belief.
I have hope that God can use all the hurts for something beautiful. He doesn't trivialize my problems with answers or empty explanations. But he can touch the hurt, relieve it, even heal it.
I have hope that anyone can share in this beautiful gift.

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Claire said...

yeah, i'm pretty sure i can name more commandments than beers. i definitely can't name 10 different beers. :)

Anonymous said...

just so you know, if you have broken 1 law of God's you have broken them all including murder. murder which originates in the heart (and then proceeds from it) is something we are guilty of.

Carissa said...

I love that you have put this little brain teaser and mentality challenger on your blog! I really do! When I read it, I thought: wow, what a fun and easy way to bring up a conversation with... well... anyone... that will open a door in a curious way, to discuss Christ's character, His gift of salvation, and grace. For me, it's pretty easy to bring God into a conversation (both with believers and non-believers...I just love talking about Him), but it's so good to have fun and intriguing ways to open that door. Thank you for this one. And thank you for sharing of yourself and your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing pieces of who you are in Christ and what He has done in you and for your life. Be blessed!

Carissa said...

Oh and, PS. To the anonymous writer... What you have written may well be true, but it's less than half the story. What is more, is this: We can rejoice and praise Jesus Christ for the grace He has given us, not only for the gift of faith, but for the grace that washes us clean, restores us, and guides us to maintain a life worthy before God. Thank you Jesus for freeing us from the law. He's just too awesome!


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