Sunday, February 25, 2007

That groundhog has some 'splainin to do!

Not a week ago, Sophia and I were basking in 50 degree weather and even spotting happy Robins happily hopping with the hopes of spring. Then Friday, it got nasty. Really nasty. As if the flu and RSV bugs weren't reeking havoc on the kids around here, a snow storm turned into lotz and lotz of ice. Sheets of ice on the streets, on the windows, on the cars, any place that wasn't a city road, became a deadly ice skating rink. Like a friend of mine said, think Bambi on the frozen pond. Our local grocers have been selling out of milk and bread watching their sales go up by 40%, the power went off late Friday taking the cable and internet down with it.
Museum's have closed, and church has been cancelled all over the city. Its been a long time since church has been cancelled on a Sunday, typically snow doesn't slow this part of the country down too badly. Its a regular part of life, but ice is another matter. My parents just got their power back but somehow lost their water (the well shut-down) so what did they do? Melted snow and ice for coffee and bathing of course. North Dakota natives far too familiar with deadly blizzards it takes quite alot to shut them down. My parents have a healthy respect for the elements and wanted to make sure I grew up with the same. My car has always been packed with a survival kit of snacks, blankets, flashlight, and a candle. Why a flashlight and a candle? Because a human being can survive with the heat of a single candle. Oh yeah, now that's what I call survival skills. The best part of growing up with pioneer parents? When I was learning to drive my dad would take me out IN THE BLIZZARD! So that I would learn how to drive in extreme conditions. Life is never boring around here!
First steps out in the sunshine. Sophia was a little puzzled by this space--where has this been all my life she seemed to ask? But it didn't take long before she acclimated herself. Too bad it will be another six more weeks until she can try it again!

All the snow was melting. . . but hey, now she has her own hockey rink outside!

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The Martin Family said...

Wow, that sounds like quite a storm. I have never experienced anything like that before! I bet Sophia loved having some sunshine. She looks so cute in her fuzzy coat. She's grown so much!


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