Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Almost One. . .

Big girls. . .get to sit forward!
It's so nice to get to see Sophia's face, and be able to hand her her food or sippy cups without too much trouble.
It's fun to see her looking out the window she looks so much like a little lady!
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Linda Darjean said...

dont you just love that? too bad hannah wasnt 20 pounds until just recently........she's a little guy!! she was too long for the rear facing car seat, but was just stuck at 18 pounds forever! i think we are finally tipping the scales at like 19.9999999999 :)

kellie said...

If I can ask, what kind of car do you drive? I am expecting my first child in a few months, and the car I currently drive is a tiny hatchback. Much too small for a car seat!

Sarah Kay said...

We drive a Chrysler Pasifica. I had a two door Solara until Sophia was 4 months, I think. Oh I love my Pasifica! It holds people AND/OR stuff, seats six or they fold flat to hold stuff like an SUV. Its so easy to get her in and out of-plus it's so safe! (It's a SUV,sedan cross-over so its not an SUV & its not a mini-van-I'm was a little touchy about driving a mini-van.) Hope that helps. Congrats on your baby! Keep us posted!
Sarah Kay

The Durbin Family said...

SOOOO cute! Isn't it the best, turning them forward? And they look so big, suddenly. Sophia is just beautiful, SK. Truly.


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