Wednesday, May 02, 2012

In Remembrance. . .

 Cynthia Malone has been a bright spot in my life that no amount of time will ever dull.  At 9, she listened to me recite bible verses, at 17 she coaxed, prodded and believed in my abstinence speeches to local high schools.  In my thirties she'd send me cards, pictures and scripture to lift me from the grief of miscarriage.   She always gave me her time, laser focus and unequivocal wisdom. My husband even carries a photo she sent with scripture and encouragement long before our paths ever crossed.

She connected right into the center of my soul and passionately spoken truth over me.  She gave my fledgling heart dignity, honor and wisdom.

Today, its her beautiful script that brings me comfort. Her heart leaps off the page with the same focus and patience she's always blessed me with.  In one of her last letters she admonished me and encouraged me with challenges that mark my life.

"God does not expect us to wear ourselves to a frazzle, I grew up believing it was the righteous "Christian" thing to always be available for those in need.   Now, I am finally listening to the message God has told me over and over again since 1976-'Be still and know that I am God,' "Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.'

I have often thought about how Jesus 'slipped away' and 'went across the sea' etc-to find much needed rest.  Here He was the God-man with all the answers and all the power to heal-but physically limited. If he took time away from all those clamoring for His listening ear, words of wisdom and healing touch can we do any less?

Ask yourself, God and Nate--what did God create in me? How did He create me to BE not DO? It's easy to ignore our WHO and focus on our DO especially in a society that values doing over being, products over people, and service over self care.  

I am now determined to learn the lessons of being still, resting and trusting Him. Now I spend alot of time drawing, reading, praying and being.  There are times I want to get into the fray and feel like a horse that wants to run but is being held back by my owner for my own good."
Love and Prayers, 

I am so thankful to a gracious Lord for this powerful woman's influence in my life. For her dedication, her faith and her willingness to listen to her creator even when it meant admitting weakness.  My road seems emptier today but I'm grateful that Cynthia is at peace.    She's celebrating with her creator!  Oh what joy they must be having together.  My prayer, personally, is that I would leave a portion of the legacy this Godly woman dealt.   I smile when I think of her whole, both resting and running, never tiring for all eternity!

Cynthia (in blue) at our Imago send-off.  Never shy, I owe some of my stage presence to her quick wit and courage. I don't think she ever met a stranger or someone who didn't deserve His love.


ben said...

This is a touching tribute, Sarah, and those lessons of rest (sometimes forced, like Cynthia alluded to) have been really relevant in my own life of late. May God be close to you and all of Cynthia's family and friends during this time.

merey kay said...

Sorry, I don't have an email address or anything for you, and couldn't think of another way to reach you. I have a copy of "Faith in the City" by Jennifer Ruisch you lent me. It has in inscription from the author to your Mom, and wanted to check if either of you wanted it back. You can get back to me at mkmalony at gmail dot com, and I'd be happy to mail it anywhere.
Thanks for loaning it to me,
Meredith M

Jennifer Sutton said...

Thank you, Sarah! I am so proud that Cynthia Malone was my mom! She was truly thankful for everything--even the smallest things imaginable, especially toward the end of her life. She didn't complain about her suffering. She thanked God for the life that she DID have and the good things God had given her and was continuing to give her despite her failing health. She became more and more beautiful each day as she trusted in God and rested in Him. Now she is resting and rejoicing in Jesus forever. I can't wait for us to all be reunited someday. What a glorious day that will be! Thank you again, Sarah, for your kind words!


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