Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys

Nate &Joseph(Banga) Graduating from Officer Candidate School in February
Nate & Reuben with their Maternal Grandmother in Chad, last December
Rueben in Chad, Cattle Security??
Dana Halloween 2009, The Roaming Gnome
My little brother Dana will be staring in Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors this weekend.
If there's one thing BOTH sides of our family are good at it's travel. These past few weeks have been no exception. Nate's brothers have gathered from around the globe to spend a few moments together before Joseph deploys for Afghanistan. Reuben has limited time in-country before returning to responsiblities in Chad, we'll be road tripping North to Cedar Rapids where I'll get to spend some time with my little brother. Nate is heading to the west coast. Dana is working on his bucket list (including staring in a Shakespearian play and bumming around Europe) before Air Force boot camps this winter.
I guess we're a military family now but we could never stay in one place to begin with. It helps me appreciate what a great family God has blessed us with! (Auntie Minga was around recently and we can never get enough of her--if only we could get Auntie Melom too!)

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