Friday, January 15, 2010

Yesterdays News

Here's the good news: Coming up on five years of marriage and I can guess my husbands 'honey, I'm sorry but my flights been delayed' voice before he actually says it. Unfortunately, I think it's because I've had WAY too much practice. It doesn't help that I'm NOT a patient person.
Here's the bad news: Current events have SERIOUSLY increased international airport security on US bound flights. Ironically, we didn't experience anything like this coming from Copenhagen a week ago. From what I can tell, it's something the Canadian government is enforcing that came down the pike Thursday. Possibly in response to recent events or information unknown to the general public. According to Nate (who missed his flight due to multiple searches, pat down's, and having to clear out his carry on of every but a laptop and a paper) security measures heading out of the country are non-eventful but coming back demands extra hours.

With Nate jumping the globe, he's in Montreal this week,the jokes about him being a spy are easy--days like today I wish he was. The kind with their own helicopter that would drop him in the backyard just in time for dinner. Ahh well, nice to know our Canadian neighbors have our back.

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