Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Cure for Winter Weather!

Unexpected Delight: Bourne Identity meets Murder She Wrote. That unlikely comparison was my first thought then I found out that Angela Landsberry actually did this book as a mini-series in the nineties! A witty, caring and wise widow volunteers for the CIA much to Langely's surprise. Her guile, tenacity, and insight surprise even her foes. Plus even my daughter likes these stories, they're family friendly (always a plus around my house!)We picked up this delightful audio book at our local library but I was so thrilled when I pushed play and recognized the much beloved voice of Barbara Rosenblat! This is a great cure for the winter blahs-but don't take my word for it! Mystery Writers of America recently awarded Mrs. Pollifax creator Dorthy Gilman the honor of Grand Master for her body of work. Scrumptious Surprise: Found this at a dollar store days before we went to Africa! So glad I did! Eloquent story telling and historical novel interwoven with complex themes in a surprisingly easy to read book. Written by a member of the Saudi royal family, it's a page turner. I can't wait to read some of her other work!

The Reason For God: Tim Keller Insightful, philosophical and yet very approachable. Another one I picked up from our local library. Tim Keller is widely liked at Imago Christi and I wanted to see what it was all about.

The Nautical Chart: Arturo Perez-Reverte A modern macho showdown off the coast of Spain. Searching for sunken treasure in troubled waters in the ocean and between the crew. This was an intriguing book that left me slightly unsatisfied. But I rarely finish books I don't like and I knew I HAD to finish this one. I'll let you decide.

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Andrea said...

I always love your book recommendations. I just learned about Tom Kellor and ordered his book about the prodigal son. I'll let you know how it is!


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