Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paris and Chad Pictures

Wow see the family resemblence? She's not worried-just copying Great Grandma (Kaga) My mother-in-law's mother. She is getting very good at reading people and copying what they do. Lotz of handshaking etc. . .
This moment made my year and definately my trip. Kaga is was unsure if she'd ever see us again and told us that if she didn't see her again until heaven it would be okay.

Of course Nate would slip this 'important' picture in with all of our family pictures. I've learned to let him gawk whenever we're at the airport. Every vactation it seems like we come home with more pictures of airplanes than of people!! Hazard of the road I guess!

Sophia at the Louvre. It was closed so we spent the day at the Musee D'Orsay. A good way to stay out of the cold and I got to wander with Monet's, Degas',Mucha's, Manet's it was a wonderful Christmas present from my family to see these all with my own eyes. After this we wandered up the Champs Elyses Christmas Market, drinking hot chocolate and hot wine!

Merry Christmas from Great Greatpa & Great Grandma! A trip to the Eiffel Tower and one or two around the carosel across the bridge. Then bowls of hot Onion Soup at another outdoor Parisian Christmas Market. Very pretty, very cold, but very pretty!

Anyone remeber this scene from the new Sabrina? Taking pictures with a scarf!


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