Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Happenings

Sophia and Daddy with the first of a several 'gifts' we've been given in our travels. Call it a meal on wheels--Sophia hasn't really made the connection but thinks it's funny when the chicken gets to ride in the car with us. For daddy it's brought back memories of long road trips with his father, the venerable pastor. Sharing the back of the car with a virtual menagarie of 'gifts' that clucked and baa'd at every bump. The stories still make me giggle but the generosity of the people who share so much when they have so little isn't lost on me.
Christmas Eve, Sophia & Kaga make popcorn! In the family courtyard. Even in Africa we got colds and both Nate's parents were cut down with the flu over Christmas. Due to a dry year there's been alot of dust in the air so it's taken awhile for all of us to adjust to the weather. Feeling better and appreicate your prayers!
Santa even comes to Chad! Sophia was so surprised to see a package of M&M's and a little car that lights up--opens it's doors and sings a strange little Arabic song. She loved it! So have the little kids around here!
Our family stopping at Nate's mother's village of Gore (pronounced Goh-re) outside Doba Christmas day with Kaga Tele--She used to care for Nate & his older brother when they were babies. A priviledge to see her. We came back several times and enjoyed every trip. Almost like stepping back in time to see how this industrious lady lives off the land. Shelling huge bushels of peanuts, chickens, drying sorgum, baobob fruit and anything else edible.
Kaga Tele's kitchen!
Traveled down to Doba Christmas day and visited Nate's best friend from childhood and his new bride. Armand & Prudence. What an amazing experience! Traveling towards the oil fields you can see a civilization changing (for better and worse) villages with street lights and cans of diet pepsi! Armand gave us an incredible view of the changing landscape here since he's an agricultural consultant. Also got to visit an evangelistic crusade being lead by local pastors on Christmas day (We dropped Nate's father off for the service) The evangelical crusade started over the holiday with people then setting out on foot in groups to the nearby villages for door to door witnessing. As the child of missonaries this was an incredible Christmas gift to witness. So was visiting a local church of 650 and hearing Nate's father preach.


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