Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Uglier Side of Life

Moving.  .  . it should be a four letter word.  In my opinion--hell would entail constantly moving households.  As I got to thinking, that is what we've been doing since January! 

I grew up moving frequently, across the globe. But now I'm the MOM! Designated coordinator of the stuff, and general manager of our nomadic life. (Think I should put that on a business card? Maybe a tee-shirt.)

This is me this morning. Complete with raccoon suntan in my mom uniform:tank top and work out pants with WAY too much mail to go through.   The lack of make-up is due to my husbands 6 am flight--he won't be home till Friday.  These days, feels like I only put on mascara when Nate & I have an ichat date (sad, but true.) 

Tangent: Nate barely made his flight this morning due to Eastern Iowa Airport Security. You have to ask him about it--we fly all over the world and we've never see anything like this.  It's insane! If he gets arrested some Monday morning --mark my words it had something to do with Cedar Rapids TSA.

Tonight, a neighbor lady asked when we'd moved in?  My mind got stuck on the verb? Have we really moved? A new place? Neighborhood?  Granted, we're living in my parents in-law suite outside of Cedar Rapids, so we're technically home.  But we're FAR from settled. 

It was like a lightbulb went off in my head.  I guess we did MOVE! My daughter keeps asking me when we're leaving Nana's? I've been thrilled to tell her we're not going any where for awhile. Oddly, recognizing the fact that we've MOVED (there's that word again) makes me feel so much better about myself. No wonder I can't keep a thought in my head or find a single pair of matching socks! 

My furniture is in the old place through the end of the month, so very little can be unpacked at my folks. (The furniture here is going back where it came from at the same time. Storage for a missionary family)   I can't even worry about it for the moment but it's insanely distracting! I  have no idea where I put half my household?  Or WHY we ever accumulated so much stuff in the first place!

Today was affirmation of our decision to rent out our home and live with my parents while Nate travels.  Sophia's landed a nasty little cold so besides taking Daddy to the airport, we didn't get much accomplished.  However, at five Papa & Nana swooped in and saved the day! Eating dinner together helped Sophia & I feel normal.  Unfortunately, I think Sophia's sharing her cold with the rest of the family, but I'm still so thankful we're here. It's been an incredible example that home isn't a place, it's a feeling. 

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