Friday, July 10, 2009

Three Year Old Theology

It would be safe to say, this summer has been a difficult one for Nate & I, but through it all we've had moments that take our breath away. Sometimes it was the scenery, most of the time it was our precious little girl.  Our conversations about God have truly blown my mind. Sophia learned that if we need to fight or when we're in a tough spot we pray that God would fight FOR us. Learning that little ears are listening has been a BIG lesson for us.

After a difficult afternoon in San Francisco, Sophia prayed to 'ask God into my heart" and told her daddy all about it when he came home for dinner.  Sharing these moments with Nate make them even sweeter.  

Sunday night as we tucked Sophia in we were singing and came to a line about "He will wash away my sins."  Sand? She asked, why will God wash away my sand? Instantly, the imagery overwhelmed me as we explained sin, that we have as many sins as there are sands and God's forgiven all of them.

On a lighter note last night we sang something like Jesus died for me.  And she stopped me with a serious observation.  God can't dive mommy. . . . He doesn't have flippers!

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Annika said...

PRECIOUS. Thanks for sharing!


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