Thursday, October 09, 2008

While I was Facebooking!

Blogger added a new feature.  Follower?  Here I was trying to learn Facebook etiquette (like have I been turned down? Does anyone judge you by your friends like high school?) My little bro Dana is the expert, after all he has like 600 friends.

Now I'm trying to play catch-up in Bloggerworld.  Not sure about Follower yet, thrilled to see one brave soul who would claim me!  No that's not an attempt at false modesty it's an interesting take on my generation. . . Don't believe me ask my cousin, I did. It interested me since so much of how we classify a generation, at the moment, is based on how we use technology. I was curious if getting a lot of comments is a sign of a good blog?   I hope he doesn't mind my sharing a part of his response:

You, Sarah, are what we affectionately call in marketing a "bridger". You are young enough to blog and to use an iPhone, but old enough to remember when the internet first came to fruition in the 90's (and, ahem, also when call waiting used to a big time "upgrade" at home.)  

Kids who are 18 with myspace/facebook get a hundred responses a day from their friends who in kind expect that interaction in return.  My bet is that your friends and family don't interact the same way as teenagers do, so I wouldn't expect that same immediate interactive response back from them.

So does that make us old?  Or does that mean we can stay young forever just by hyper-using all the technology our kid-brother's and sisters do?  You decide.

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Sarah said...

How's this for multi-generational....some of my facebook friends are teachers from highschool, one is my Aunt, and another is my Mom's cousin. Then there's the high school students I know from church...
You can count me in as a "follower", too by the way. =)


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