Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's Fabulous! A Must See!

I've been impressed with Andrea since we were in high school & now she's doing it again!
The great thing about Iowa is the headquarters for Better Homes & Garden's and Andrea has just launched a new website for Remodel. Check it out and support our girl!
Or for another great blog! Twentysomethingponderings.
Another great thing about Iowa is the frugality (I believe that's a word) that feeds the treasure hunting around here. Finding a great piece of clothing or furniture at a thrift store for $.25 to a $20.00 is a shared value around here. Spring means garage sale's and redecorating! In high school we would swap dresses for formals, now we swap pieces of furniture. We call each other when there's a sale. We hunt for each other, we band together to repaint, redecorate, & redo gardens. Then when the weather gets warm we band together to sell whatever we don't need and use the $$ on another project. Don't believe me, ask my husband, he believes the best dowry he ever got was the training from my mom to hunt, scrap, save and find a bargin, save $$ or get something done on a shoe-string. This knowledge has to be handed down from one woman to another. My favorite thing is that these are fabulous women are always impeccably dressed with gorgeous homes who LOVE to shop! Ask our husband's we seem to hunt in packs!

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