Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lyrical Inspiration: Allie Lapointe

"Abide with me, fast falls the evening tide."
Float the lyrics of Allie Lapointes, Treasures.

"Mommy, what does abide with me mean?"

"Abide, means to live in, like we want God to live in us, so we sing about him abiding in us."
"Oh, like how I asked God to come into my heart?"

How can a mother not rejoice to hear her little one belt out, the beautiful lyrics of Allie's latest combination of praise and hymns.

I've been a fan since her first public appearence in our highschool auditorium. To listen to Allie's intimate songs and compelling harmonies, you can't help but be sucked inside, soon the music spills over until your singing an ancient hymn while you fill up your gas tank. The deep theology of the Lord's taken root in your soul through the vehicle of song. Nick, Allie's husband and fellow songwriter, spend their passions on music, people and God. The result shines out through all their work. But I know Allie is even prouder of the worship that pours forth from her three little ones.

Track #1: "Abide In Me" By Allie Lapointe, Marcy Each, and Henry Francis Lyte

Henry Francis Lyte wrote the poem "Abide With Me" in 1847 and while he lay dying from tuberculosis at the age of 54. He survived only a further three weeks after its completion. Marcy Each and I trimmed, tweaked, and adapted the lyric, wrote a chorus, and set it all to a melody we crafted together on a rainy day in Marcy's hometown of Manchester, Iowa. We both had our little girls with us, and after several rounds of holding babies and holding guitars, we completed this song -- a prayer for God to be ever-present throughout our lives. We changed the title from "Abide With Me" to "Abide In Me" because of how Jesus said “Abide In Me” in John 15, and the emphasis Paul puts on abiding in Christ -- not just an external presence but an internal, closer-than-skin accompaniment of the Holy Spirit...the Counselor, who abides when other helpers fail and comforts flee, who comes not to sojourn but to stay, who holds the cross before our closing eyes ... who abides IN us.

A wise woman, once encouraged me to fill the ragedy days of motherhood with worship, so that Christ would abide in me in the midst of the chaos. Check out Treasures and more from Allie

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