Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Village Church & Darfur

What can one person do for the people of Southern Sudan? According to Matt Chandler, pastor of the Village Church, we can pray for the January 9th Sudanese Referendum for Secession . Joining others across the world to pray for a continued resolve in Darfur and Southern Sudan.

For our family- Sudan is hard to ignore simply because its in Chad's (my husband's native country) backyard. In 2008 an attempted Chadian coup brought to light just how interconnected the two countries can be, continued peace in Sudan means stability and progress for an entire region of the globe. Visiting Chad in 2010 deepened our connection to this corner of the world giving us a first hand account of the similarity of people across the border simply trying to eek out an existence in an unforgiving but beautiful territory.

Moving to the Dallas Fort Worth Area in 2010 the Lord brought us to the Village church though a series of personal encounters that had little to do with Sub-Saharan, Africa. Now it's a pleasure to discover the Village Church's commitment to the people of Sudan and share something each of us can do for this troubled portion of God's earth. Please check out Actions Speak Louder and consider what one person can do today.

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