Thursday, June 17, 2010

I have just a second to lift my head out of the chaos for a quick update. Our move is going well, of course it's still ongoing b/c the boxes seem like they'll NEVER end. But little by little it's starting to feel more like home.

We packed up Friday drove through the night and unloaded Saturday morning. My husband was wonderful driving a 26 footer the whole way and unloading it into our new garage (with help from wonderful cousins) Despite all we accomplished the fatigue started to get to me and by Saturday evening I felt like my world had ended. Looking at stacks of boxes all I could think was "I want my mommy."

If I ever doubted God's personal investment in our affairs--Sunday my mother called to say she was flying home from California via Texas and if we'd take her she could spend the night? If we'd take her!!!!! It was short--sweet--and absolutely wonderful. Another God send (have I mentioned my cousins???) has been Auntie Yinda (that's Sophia speak for Aunt Linda) She's been picking her up from Dance Camp (more on that later) feeding her and letting her play with her two wonderful daughters. What a gift to see Sophia just binge out on family.

Other tidbits that remind me how thankful I am:
Sophia: Mommy, what's the weather going to be like today?
Mommy: Well baby, just like yesterday and the day before--hot and sunny!

Sophia--mommy if we leave for a trip can we come back to Texas?


Corine said...

So sweet. :) I'm so glad you have your mom coming and family to help you all out. God is good.

Corine :D

Sarah said...

I wondered if she was able to change her flight, so glad you had help! Hopefully we will see you guys out here sometime soon ;)

archaqx said...

family must come first...
hopefully you'll enjoy your moment.

by the way, feel free to visit to my blog...


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