Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Day in the Life . . .

Of the Ndjerareou family:
Nate discovered he only needed 150 miles to qualify for four free tickets (on two separate airlines). We'd been hoping to get to Dallas for a Chadian wedding.

Late Tuesday, Nate called from San Francisco--all Friday flights are booked but if we're willing we can leave Thursday morning from Cedar Rapids? Graciously, my husband offered to take Sophia on his flight and let me come later by myself. The fourth ticket would go to Banga!

Here's the hitch. . . Nate would leave San Fran Wednesday night spend the night in the air or airport (hopefully) landing in Cedar Rapids around 8:55am Thursday morning. Sophia and I met him at the airport with extra clean clothes, suit and blackberry charger.

After tonz of prayer and a little anxiety on my part (plane travel is like dating--you have to expect disappointment!)Miracle of miracle it worked! I got to spend about 10 minutes with him before kissing both Sophia and Nate and they were off again!

It's a funny thing traveling sans bebe! Suddenly, I'm getting nice comments about my shoes instead of Sophia's! The guy behind the counter was overly helpful informing me that my flight wouldn't be delayed because a pair of eyeballs were traveling with us. (Yeah it took me a minute too. I don't mean to be disrespectful that what he called it!! ) Turns out my flight is a med-flight and that nothing much would be delaying us!

Exhilarating information! Granted I'm just going to a wedding but you're catching the spirit of matter right! So without baby, well-coiffed (I actually had an hour by myself to get ready) and pumped up about the med-flight mission!

The guy at the metal detector seemed overly concerned about my new metalic necklace. Without thinking I winked and said: "You gotta live dangerously right???"

What can I say?? My flirting skills are REALLY rusty! This probably wasn't the BEST thing to say to our certifiably jumpy TSA crew!! I'm not sure that I pack my brain but I did make it through security.

I'm really looking forward to spending much needed time with family. And if our crazy plan works (I'm writing from the airport.) We'll be in time for the marathon African cooking day! I don't know what I'm more excited about? Eating the food or participating in the cooking? Hopefully I'll learn a new recipe or two!

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