Monday, May 21, 2007

What difference an afternoon makes!

Problem: How to redo a room when you have a seventies green kitchen and pink walls? (No comment on the previous owners state of mind when they decided to paint the living room pink.)
Solution: New curtains, new cover on old chairs, a coat of paint on the bottom half of the table. Spray paint a lamp black and use left-over polka-dot material to redo lamp shade. Hang up a picture and an old guitar, fill the shelves with games the couple love and you have a room thats as fun and free as Dave & Tayelor.

Tayelor & Dave Jarret recently moved into to a cozy apartment on the top-level or a 50's style cape-cod. On Monday, Tayelor invited Sophia and I over for lunch-a few hours later and Voila! All it took was new coat of paint, some left-over material from the scrap table at a local store and we had a whole new room that fit our friends inspite of the bizare color choice. The best-part was that it only cost us $16.oo and Tayelor and I learned how to upholster those great kitchen chairs! Nothing makes me happier than getting to shop, get a great deal, decorate, use my tools, and even break out Grandma's sewing machine all in the same day with friends. It's also really cool to be able to use my freakish-obsessive creativity for something that will really benefit such great people!
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