Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Read It In One Day!

Editorial Reviews
From Booklist In Banerjee's sophomore effort, she introduces Lakshmi Sen, a young woman who has the uncanny ability to read people's emotions. She puts her gift to use in her mother's Seattle sari shop--finding fabrics that ease a bride's cold feet, evoke a widow's first love, and even soothe a young autistic boy's fears. Her notoriety draws the interest of a Bollywood star, but whenever the actress' charming chauffeur Nick is around, Lakshmi has trouble keeping her own emotions in check. Will she allow herself to fall for Nick or marry the Indian doctor her family has chosen for her? Banerjee captures the struggle between tradition and modernity in this accessible chick-lit tale. Readers will appreciate that Banerjee doesn't choose sides and offers a variety of perspectives through her characters. The book has a romantic, magical quality that isn't a bit treacly. It's exciting to see how much Banerjee has grown since her debut, Imaginary Men (2005). Aleksandra KostovskiCopyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved
S.K.'s Review
I love a good mystery, or even better chic-lit with a mystery in it. I love getting lost in someone elses imagination. But call it, left-over Wheaton guilt "if it's not making me smarter I better not be spending time on it," so every other book I try to read something that is cultural or enlightening. When I find a book that was chic-lit AND cultural--well it was a great day! Don't let the goddess-dream forward throw you, its a great book, remember it's cultural! As an author her descriptive imagery into others desires is a fantastic plot-device. I wish I'd thought of that! Enjoy!

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